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Goodnight and great love to you. We see the same stars.
— George Mallory, from a letter to his wife Ruth during the 1921 Everest Reconnaissance Expedition (via larmoyante)


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*slow clapping your GoT post* it's really gross when you think about how they probably excluded satin because he is a male prostitute and chataya because she is black. i'm so pissed off i was really hoping they wouldn't go down that route with shae because they changed her personality from the books.


I admit I was hopeful for awhile too, because of the changes to Shae’s initial characterization. At least until I realized that all the changes they made to Shae weren’t for SHAE, they were to make Tyrion look better (and they did the same thing with Sansa, while she was with him). Everything Shae did was in the pursuit of making Tyrion look blameless, to keep his character from (in their minds) looking even a little bit bad, even accidentally bad.

They made Shae in love with Tyrion so Tyrion doesn’t look like a fool for falling in love with a prostitute whose just doing the job he requested of her.

They made Shae nice to Sansa, bond with Sansa, protect Sansa, so Tyrion doesn’t look bad for arranging for her to be Sansa’s handmaid. Shae was never jealous of Sansa until her being so made Tyrion look good, noble and suffering while surrounded by unreasonable and hysterical womenfolk. When they wanted to make Tyrion look good for standing by the innocent Sansa, they made Shae betray her, even though the actress begged them not to. They did not intentionally have Shae be protective of a young girl whose also being abused because it spoke of her character, they did it for Tyrion. Otherwise she never would have betrayed Sansa, or they would have shown her being forced to say those things.

Shae’s ‘betrayal’ was even designed to make Tyrion look good, he sacrificed his relationship with her to protect her (and her being so naive and cavalier about the real danger she was in was ridiculous, she was a working girl, she would have to be savvy about this stuff just to survive), and she repaid him with betrayal, throwing him under the bus, taking up with his father.

Even Shae’s death was made to make Tyrion look as blameless as possible. She attacked him first (which again, is ridiculous, her job involves manipulating men regardless of her personal feelings towards them) instead of trying to appeal to him, or even stating the obvious truth that she probably didn’t have much of a choice about being there. She doesn’t even get any lines except muttering Tywin’s name.

(And yes, they did most likely cut Alayaya and Chataya not only because they are black, but because they have power and agency. They choose to be prostitutes, they enjoy their work, and most of the time they aren’t being abused or mistreated, the workers in their brothels play games and read in the foyer when not with a client, they had interests other than sex. And Satin was a pretty little rent boy who also fought off wildlings and defended the Wall, Jon treats him like an actual person, makes him his steward. Sex workers…as people…who can do things that are not sex thing????how do???such fantasy!!)

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Some tweets calling Ubisoft out on their bullshit.





[straight boy voice] haha i have no problem with gay dudes as long as they don’t try to… you know… flirt with me or anything

[straight boy voice] haha what do you mean lesbians? i call them challenges



I must not weep. I must not. If I weep I will forgive him.